Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Believe in Yourself

Not that long ago I was pretty uncomfortable in my own skin and I was too afraid to even try to do something about it, I was overweight, alone, and unhappy. I had lost hope and faith in myself. I was stuck.

It wasn't a matter of my body's inability to change and believe me I had the DESIRE to be better, to feel better and to look better. I WANTED it. Badly! I just didn't think I could do it. You see, I had tried to loose weight before, many many times before and had not achieved my goals. Sometimes, I was partially successful only to be struck down by life circumstances and they would cause me to fall off track and gain it all back. Sometimes I wouldn't even get close to my goals. Gosh, Sometimes it seemed I couldn't even get out of the starting gate!

 And all those failures haunted me. They toyed with my soul and set me up to give up before I could let myself down again. It seemed like they were guarding my heart from my own possible future failures. I didn't believe in me anymore. It took a lot for me to finally see a tiny ray of hope, it is way too much to share on this message today but I will say this...I am grateful for the tiny spark that set my soul ablaze. It has been life changing. And I will be sharing more on this soon in hope to encourage you to find your own spark. And although I am not where I want or need to be just yet in my journey I know that I am on the path that I am supposed to be on. 

So as you go through this day be encouraged to BE YOU and BELIEVE in YOURSELF!! I know sometimes it is hard when the world around us is so eager to point out what is wrong with us rather than point out what is RIGHT with us. And we usually hold ourselves back more than the world does. I know that I am incredibly guilty of this  but the TRUTH is that we have been given everything we need to succeed in this life! The gifts and talents that are locked up on the inside of you are just waiting to get out!!!

Are you frustrated or depressed about where you are right now in your life? A mentor of mine suggests that our frustration and/or depression is our Spirit man or inner self screaming to be unleashed and to make an impact in the world! You ARE game changers and you just need to believe it and believe in your capabilities to SOAR above the have nots, could nots, and would nots!!! Tell yourself I CAN & I WILL!!!

My HOPE is that you began to see yourself in new way! STRONG, CAPABLE, BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL, FEARLESS!!!! You are all these things and more!! Each day keep going, keep pushing, & seizing each day as the opportunity it is to change yourself and your course towards the future you have always wanted! You can achieve it!!