Friday, October 2, 2015

HOW TO DRINK MORE WATER - My favorite Tips and Tricks

I know you've heard it before and I am sure that you'll hear it again and again — drinking water is good for you. And it is true! Believe me! I used to be addicted to diet soda and gave it up almost 2 years ago and I now crave water! My body needs it and so does yours, in so many ways. The list of benefits is miles long and includes improving digestion and clearing up your skin just to name a few of my favorites to get your attention.  And if you’re trying to lose weight, one of the things you should to look at closely is what you drink. Beverages often contain lots of hidden sugar and are loaded with unwanted calories but when people are trying to loose weight they tend to focus on what they’re eating rather than what they’re drinking. Which is sad because many studies show that just drinking more water helps you lose the unwanted weight because we drink a lot of our calories unknowingly.

For many people, getting enough water over the course of the day is a struggle. I’ll be the first person to admit that water can get boring after a while and I drink a lot of it daily! Yes, we need it and can’t survive without it, but it is plain and some say it has no taste. So many people tend to skip drinking the recommend amount. Which is 1/2 your body weight in ounces EVERYDAY especially if weight loss is your goal. 

So instead of skipping the water try some of my favorite tips and tricks to increase your water intake. I do all of these everyday and it has helped me so much! 

  1. Make it a Morning Habit- The trick to this is pouring yourself a glass of water before bed and then drinking it as soon as you get up. Drinking it right away should be refreshing and will get your metabolism going. 
  2. Give Yourself RemindersThere's lots of apps out there to keep track of your water intake, if you like that kind of reminder (Daily Water Free*, is my favorite). But a another option is to set an alarm on your watch, phone or calendar to remind you to take a drink every two hours or so.
  3. Drink Coffee or Tea Yep, you heard me right — your favorite  morning beverage has plenty of water in it, so you can include that in your daily count. According to sites like WebMD, their diuretic effects do not take away from also hydrating you. So your morning cup of joe is good for your water intake!
  4. Eat Your WaterThere are lots of yummy fruits and veggies that contain water,  including cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, watermelon (obviously), strawberries, grapefruit, zucchini, radish and celery. Not to mention they have many other nutrients and you'll be getting in veggies and water at the same time! So make a yummy salad with some and you have a refreshing and hydrating lunch :)
  5. Buy  Cute Water Bottle - This is not rocket science but for some reason pure superficiality that somehow still works. If you have a nicer water bottle, you are just be more inclined to use it. I love love cute bottles and take them everywhere I go. Plus it saves me money and the planet! So win-win-win-win in my book. I love The Dextox Water Bottle * by blogilates. This goes hand in hand with next tip. I use tip  #5 and # 6 together, often! 
  6. Try Infusing Your Water with Fruit. - This is my favorite tip! There are so many ways to infuse your water, everything from mason jars with fruit infusing lids, to water bottles with built in infusers. And ever better is that there are so many recipes out there too. The options are endless with water fruits, veggies, and herbs you can mix and create! Plus, It has great health benefits and adds a bit of taste to your water too. So no more plain boring water excuses! See a few of my favorite combinations below :) 
*Please note, I am not affiliated or sponsored in any way by the sites/products I recommend above, They are products that I personally found, use and love . I am not being compensated in anyway for my recommendations.
If you have a favorite recipe that you love please Share it with me too! I love trying new ones!

Here are a few combinations to try: 

Lemon + Lime + Orange = Immune defense
Strawberry + Cucumber + Kiwi = Blood Sugar Support
Cucumber + Lemon + Lime= Hydration & Appetite Control
Mint + Green Tea + Lime = Fat Burning

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