Saturday, November 7, 2015

Have you ever Fallen off track? My tips for getting motivated again.

Have you ever Fallen off track? Or been in a workout slump? Lost your Motivation, Inspiration, or Determination??


As a matter of fact, I recently got out of a major slump by recommitting in October because my body was starting to really show the fact that I have been slacking, a lot! You see my normal routine has been crazy out of wack and my workouts came to an almost complete halt when I had an out patient procedure done in mid- July to break up and remove a calcium deposit in my left shoulder. It was causing me a lot of pain and limiting my workouts for several months. Making my daily motivation blah and causing me to fall out track with my routine schedule. My Workouts became sporadic and lacking effort. My nutrition took a dump too and my cheats became more frequent.  My wide variety of programs remain on my shelf ignored and unused. 

Yes, believe it or not, I do not normally jump out of bed excited to workout everyday.  Shocking, right? I know, and add to the fact that I've been in pain has made my lack of excitement even worse. So how do I make it through these ruts...these peaks and valleys in my fitness journey?  How do you get back to the competitive, motivated, workout-crushing machine that you once were? 

Here are my tips for coming out of your workout slump...

1. Just move. 

Do something.  Anything.  Go for a walk.  Stick the DVD in and do it half-heartedly if you must.  Chase your kids around the park.  Have a dance party in your living room.  Just move. 

2. Do something different.

If you're a gym-goer, purchase a DVD workout series.  If you work out from home, go back to the gym.  If you are a runner, go take a local hip-hop cardio class!  Do something TOTALLY different than you've been doing. 

3. Do something fun.

Go play tennis or basketball or organize a flag football game!  Go roller skating.  Go to one of those trampoline places and see how long you last!  (I hear most people don't last very long!)

4. Create accountability.

Obviously, you can join one of my online accountability groups, but you don't have to!  Tell your best friend that she is going to meet you at the gym everyday for the next two weeks.  Tell your husband, mom, co-workers, social media network to check in with you everyday and ask you if you did you workout!  Find a running buddy or yoga partner.  Create your own accountability!

5. Challenge yourself. 

Give yourself a workout challenge and make sure you reward yourself at the end!  It might be that you are going to workout for 25 of the next 30 days, and after one month, you get to go splurge on a new outfit a Lulu Lemon (that would motivate me)!  Maybe you and your friends do a squat challenge where you build up your repetitions to a certain number.  Perhaps you could sign up for a 5K or even a half-marathon!  Draw out your competitive juices to help get you back on track! 


Remember why you are working out in the first place, write it down, put it somewhere you will see it, and when you don't feel like working out, whip out that reminder, and PRESS PLAY!