21 Day Challenge

Challenge Details & Registration 

The Fit to Excel Challenge begins ONCE A MONTH, on the second MONDAY of each month, and is 30 days long!

The challenge is not only meant a physical transformation. You will see a transformation in MANY aspects of your life. For 30 days, we push together for your outer health, your inner health, and personal health! I post a daily assignment in a private online group. These posts include fitness, nutrition, and personal development, its the whole SUCCESS package.

I must be your assigned coach, so if you DO NOT have an account yet, go to http://www.teambeachbody.com/en_US/signup?referringRepId=247845

If you DO have an assigned coach, you have TWO options!

#1 – Reach out to your current coach and see if they run their own challenges (a lot of coaches do!)


#2 – If you are not working with your assigned coach and would like to switch, you can do so by contacting coachrelations@beachbody.com and requesting to have your coach changed to Jenn Amerson Coach ID #247845 (this may take a couple of days)

My Challenge Groups are ALWAYS FREE! Here are the requirements:

1. You must choose a Beachbody at-home fitness program. If you don’t already have a workout program, I would love to help you choose one based on your personal goals and current fitness level.

2. You must be willing to replace one meal a day with Shakeology for the 30 days and follow the nutrition guide that compliments your workout program. Proper nutrition is 80% of your success! Shakeology will ensure maximum nutrition and refuel your body throughout your program…this means MAX RESULTS!

3. Support and involvement is KEY! As I post the daily assignments, I need maximum participation from all challengers. These are very short assignments, but very powerful! It only takes a little effort each day to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

THIS IS NOT A DIET, THIS is a LIFESTYLE…I’m not saying it going to be easy, but I can promise it will be the BEST journey of your life!

Fill out my online form.

21 Day Challenge Information

If you would like to be considered for my upcoming challenge group please complete this form below. Filling out this form will help me better understand YOU and YOUR GOALS in our upcoming challenge group. I will contact you with further information regarding the challenge group within 24 hours.

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21 Day Fix EXTREME:  All new workouts coming out in Feb 2015! This BRAND NEW Program is all about taking the regular 21 Day Fix Program up a couple notches! It has increased the intensity & will get you shredded...FAST! The workouts were created for those for those who have completed multiple rounds of the 21 Day Fix or other extreme programs like the P90X, Insanity Max or Insanity and are ready to get EXTREME RESULTS. 

Dirty 30 Extreme Talk about an extreme workout, this one has really upped the intensity and makes you sweat. You will need two pairs of weights (1 light and 1 heavy). The workout has 3 Regular Rounds + 1 mini bonus round. All of the moves focus on Arms, Shoulders, and Core (you will also get to work your back and arms a bit too). She also incorporated some balance moves to really burn your booty which I love! Who doesn't want a tight booty!? 

What’s Included in the 21 Day Fix Extreme?
  • 7 brand new, intense 30-minute workouts
  • Every workout will require weights or resistance bands (I recommend 3-15 lbs -not included) 
  • 21 Day Countdown to Competition menu plan for EXTREME results
  • Easy To use perfectly portions containers for the meal plan

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