About Me

Hi I am Jenn! I would Like to be Real with you all & introduce you to the most important people in my life ...My Family, my WHY heart emoticon!
They are the reason that I decided to change me...
Externally I lived a masquerade, where presumably my life looked perfect. BUT Internally I was struggling. I longed for Friends, Freedom, I wanted to be known, and to know my real self.
Somehow, I had become STUCK. I was bitter and felt unfulfilled. I felt like I was living a life WITHOUT Purpose! I was in a season of life that I just didn't understand and I felt lost and alone. I was slacking as a wife and as a mom and needed to start BUT...What?
The amazing part is that the path through which God leads, teaches and grows us. It started by seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. And boy did I get so much MORE than I thought I was looking for!!
God led me to grow myself from the Inside Out by becoming a Beachbody coach. For me it was not just simply incorporating exercise and clean eating into my life but through learning to share my journey and by doing so, help others.
Since I joined the Beachbody Family I've been on quite the roller coaster of a journey, learning more about who I am, and who I've been created to be. Learning my Purpose. God has taught me to take BETTER CARE OF ME!! And by doing so I realized “I” was responsible for “MY” feelings, “MY” loneliness, “MY” Lack of Purpose & “MY” Joy! I also realized I was simply not happy with “ME” and was taking out my hurts on those I love most.
God had a better plan for me and I had to look to Him to see it! I am still on my journey and probably always will be but Now I am Happier than ever before, Healthier than I've been in years. But I think the one deepest changes is that now I Live a Life with PURPOSE & PASSION, (which helps me be a much better mom and wife too smile emoticon
I get to help other amazing ladies get UNSTUCK & help them become Happier & Healthier too!
IF you feel lost, alone, STUCK. you don't have to settle in that place. Reach out, to God, Someone, anyone. If you want to chat I would love to help you find you and bring Purpose into your life. You are not alone, We are Better Together!