Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Healthy Summer Challenge

Because I know that YOU ARE READY!!! I am INVITING you to join me for my next fitness and nutrition group. I am opening up my new challenge group to a few more ladies!

 This is going to be a FUN group!! We start our prep week next Monday on the 10th so this is your last chance to get everything together for our official start day! So ahead, send me a message, let's do this together :-)

You will have all the tools you will need to be successful & me as your Coach to Support, Encourage, & motivate you. I will also give you meal plans, recipes, clean eating / nutrition & exercise tips, all the details about Shakeology and a F-R-E-E Fixate cookbook as a thank you gift from me.
Fill out the form, message me with comments below for me info!